The Violators

No Human Rights for You (Canada)

The Violators: No Human Rights for You (Canada)

The book The Violators: No Human Rights for You (Canada) is now available for public purchase.

Learn all about the struggle of Project Freedom Canada's attempt to restore Law and Order to Canada by protecting the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Project Freedom Canada sued the Attorney General of Canada in the Supreme Court due to the illegal age of sexual consent increase and other illegal amendments added to the Criminal Code of Canada.


 Authored by Octaevius Altair 

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Project Freedom Canada was begun in 2003 by Octaevius Altair in order to safeguard the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms upon the election of the Federal Conservative Party (Christian Fundamentalist based Party) within Canada. In a perfect world there would be no reason for a Charter of Rights and Freedoms within a constitution to protect the rights of minorities. This is because there would be equal respect in a perfect world for all Human Rights and there would be no discrimination. Sadly this is not a perfect world and as is the case within Canada it would seem that even having something like a Charter of Rights built into a constitution is still not enough to prevent those in power from stripping minorities of their protected rights. It is the purpose of Project Freedom Canada to rectify this within Canada. It is the purpose of this book to serve as a catalyst for those who have had their rights and liberties violated, to claim them back and restore Law and Order to Canada. To punish those responsible in such a way that a clear example will be set to deter any future government from making the same mistake.


Presented in this book are the legal documents and letters related to the struggle of Project Freedom Canada to defend the integrity of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms within the Canadian Constitution from the Federal Conservative Party of Canada, and their violation of this charter through the illegal age of sexual consent increase. There was no reason to increase the age for engaging in harmless recreational sex apart from the bizarre, private religious belief of a government intent on ending the separation between Church and State within Canada. For the purposes of volume and copyright protection not all documentation will be re-printed in this book but information on those documents not re-printed will be provided to those readers who wish to read these items on their own (internet links).


Project Freedom Canada began by way of application through a Notice of Constitutional question and due to complaints by the legal counsel for the Attorney General of Canada we followed by way of an action. We were denied standing on behalf of public interest simply because none of us were charged for violating the illegal amendments that were added to the Criminal Code of Canada, although the amendments were illegal. Following the instructions of the court we attempted to intervene in matters before the court but had no co-operation from legal teams who were supposed to be defending innocent victims targeted through this illegal act on the part of the Federal Government. We contacted the Canadian Bar association but that attempt also was met with indifference. Now we go to the People of Canada.

 More information from the Author

 Today we’ll examine cultural hysteria phenomenon trending.

In the 1980′s
It was Satanism – hands down -. Remember how popular it was to be abducted by Satanic cults for ritual abuse? There were literally thousands of people claiming that Satanic Cults were kidnapping thousands of children. Also that many more thousands of females were giving birth in secret so that their babies could be used by Satanic Cults. Let’s not forget the repressed memories and hypnotic sessions that help to reveal the many more thousands of Satanic Ritual Child-sex Abuse. What happened to all the Satanists out there? Ever notice how you never hear about it anymore?

In the 1990′s

It was Alien Abduction. Remember how popular Alien Abduction was back then? It got considerable media attention. Thousands of people were claiming to be tracked and to have been abducted by Aliens. I personally met three people who claimed to have been abducted and taken into an Alien vessel. What do you do but smile and say ” Oh how dreadful.” What happened to all the Alien Abuctees? Ever notice how you never hear from them anymore? Perhaps they have all been finally taken away for good?

the year 2000 to present

It’s child-sex abuse back again. Let’s not talk about actual “real” rape cases – they are too few to be of any value -. Now it’s thousands of people claiming to have been sexually abused when they were children. It’s very popular today. You can even go back decades and take people to court claiming that they abused you when you were a youth. A great way to get attention and maybe even some cash out of it.  This particular hysteria is still very popular and I suspect it will soon transform into something else – Aliens again perhaps ? -

Projects Present and Future

Censorship Project

When I decided to publish a small book of poems (71 pages), I thought about how to present it. I decided to grasp onto the two most popular cultural themes at the time. Vampires and paedophilia.  Instead of poems by myself – a very plain fellow – I created poems by a fictional character. A vampire that drank the blood of children. I invented a fake autobiography and put a photo on the cover and the back of myself in vampire costume. I had hoped it would be an interesting experiment to see if it sold but I certainly never expected it to be banned. The content of the book is in no way illegal. The photo of myself in a vampire outfit is in no way illegal. The fake autobiography on the back cover is also in no way illegal. Yet the book is banned now by Amazon and targeted by campaigns. Soon the censorship project will be complete. Amazon will lose against me in court.

Human Rights Project

The Federal government of Canada has violated our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. No government is permitted to target a portion of the population for the divestment of their Charter Protected Rights and state that it is being done to “protect” them. Those who support this are supporting the precedent that will permit any future government to follow. Think upon this phrase:

“… we rescinded the right of females to vote in elections in order to protect women from stress during election periods.”

If you disagree with that statement you had best hope that our book is able to force a legislative change, strip all illegal amendments from the Criminal Code within Canada and then result in a civil lawsuit against the political party responsible for a sum so vast that a clear example will be set.